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The relationships you form, and your ability to manage and grow them in positive ways, can greatly impact your level of happiness in life. This requires a real understanding of the life areas so crucial to living your fullest existence. Here are the key life areas that you can learn to find peace with, through your Foojan app.

As part of your monthly subscription, 3 new life areas will be made available each month.


Discover how to make your inner voice kinder and more loving.

 Instead of punishing yourself, utilize the Foojan app to turn negative beliefs about yourself into more positive, nurturing ones. You will finally see yourself as a complete human being, with vulnerabilities, strengths and the ability to move forward.


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Learn how to turn your job into a fulfilling career.

It begins with breaking the lifelong patterns that have sabotaged your past work environments. Through this enlightening app, you gain the awareness and motivation to shift out of old habits and to learn about the strengths that will help you find work that satisfies and sustains you.

Intimate Relationships

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The way we communicate and the assumptions we make impact our intimate relationships.

Often, we bring our own suffering into play. The Foojan app helps you see that, rather than just you, there’s another person involved that you need to get to know. Once you understand this, you will open the path to a healthy, evolving partnership.


We set different criteria for each of our friends, though in every case our friendships are built on similarities.

By understanding those similarities and celebrating each friend for his or her special niche, we become more aware of their uniqueness…eliminating the drama and creating more realistic and lasting bonds.


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Here’s your chance to break the old patterns, learned from your family system, that may be holding you back.

Here, you begin to understand how financial management is tied into your belief system, and you learn how to build the special skills that lead to smarter money management and greater earning capacity.


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The relationship you had with your parents stays with you, even through adulthood.

You continue to view them as you knew them when you were a child. With the Foojan app, you can explore ways to either alter the dynamic with your parent or shed the unhealthy fantasy of changing a relationship that may be irretrievably broken.


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Your relationship with your mother touches so many diverse buttons that can greatly affect the life you will live.

Every paternal relationship has its own individual character. Recognizing it for what it is, good or bad, is an important step in helping you to accept and grow.


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How you view your father is directly related to the role he played in helping to shape unique areas of your life.

Every paternal relationship has its own individual character. Recognizing it for what it is, good or bad, is an important step in helping you to accept and grow.


Protector, competitor, confidante and even counselor…a brother can be any or all of these.

The key is in understanding not only your brother’s role in your life, but also yours in his.


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Through the Foojan app, finding that common ground with your sister becomes less forced, more natural.

There are many variables at work in sister relationships, and these are played out through words and actions that can have long-term effects.


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Marriages can be greatly impacted, either positively or negatively, by the dynamic between spouses and their in-laws.

Learning how to deal constructively with your in-laws goes a long way in avoiding any deep-seated resentment between you and your mate.


The responsibility of being a parent can create all kinds of anxiety that, without channeling it properly, can be passed on to the child.

A better understanding of how both spouses can work together as parents, rather than singularly, can lead to more consistent guidance for your child.

Body Image

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It’s easy to keep running toward something that is unrealistic or even deceiving, such as our own feelings about our bodies.

Once you get to know your body in a more insightful, honest way, then you can begin earnestly working on the rest of yourself.

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