Improve Your Relationship With Your Sister

Sisterly Love: Improve Your Relationship With Your Sister

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Sister

Having a sister can be a very supportive relationship, someone who is your best friend and someone who can make you laugh the hardest. They can also be one of the most difficult relationships to navigate. If your relationship with your sister is less than ideal and is affecting your life, there are things you can do about it. Keep reading to learn more about sister relationships, the little things you can do today to start improving it, and how our self-help app can help.

Understanding The Sister Relationship

Having a sister can be a great gift; however, it can also be a difficult relationship to keep on the right path. Older sisters tend to act as an additional mother figure. They enjoy being a positive support system, helping to guide their younger siblings to success, and being somewhat of a mentor.

Younger sisters tend to be more of a partner-in-crime and confidant, and they work hard to gain the attention of the family. Therefore, they tend to be more outgoing, funny, and free-spirited.

These roles are very different, which makes sisters clash with each other all the time. The older can quickly become disappointed in the younger, see her as bratty, and feel as if she has power over her. The younger sister may see her older sister as overbearing, bossy, someone she cannot confide in, and dramatic. This all usually begins in childhood and can last throughout life and can very much be the “golden child” and the “black sheep”.

Little Things You Can Do

If the relationship with your sister is not where you’d like it to be, there are some little things you can do now to improve it. They include:

  • Keep in touch. Reach out to your sister! The first step to improving your relationship with your sister is by opening a line of communication.
  • Listen to her. Hear her out and see what she has to say about her side of the story. When shes done, give your side.
  • Find common ground. Many times, sisters cannot see eye to eye during a disagreement. It’s usually better to find common ground and agree to disagree, then move forward with a clean slate.

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