Your Brother-In-Law: The Two Kinds

Your Brother-In-Law: The Two Kinds

Your Brother-In-Law: Comradare and Kinship

No matter what, having a great relationship with your in-laws will enhance your relationship with your spouse. Some of these in-law relationships can be a little more complicated than others. Mothers-in-law or Fathers-in-law can be a little more difficult to get right, but one of the easier relationships you may encounter is the relationship with your Brother-in-law. Keep reading to learn more about your relationship with your Brother-in-law, how they are different, and how to enhance your own marriage through your in-law relationships.

Your Sister’s Husband

One of the types of brothers-in-law one can have is their sister’s husband. Determining how this relationship will go will depend on many factors. Some questions you should ask yourself and your spouse include:

  • What level of closeness do I want with my sister’s husband? If you and your sister are very close, you may want your brother-in-law to be a big part of your life.
  • What is my sister comfortable with? Your sister may love that you want a relationship with her husband; however, you need to ensure she’s comfortable with that level of closeness.
  • What are the boundaries of conversation? There are some things your sister may not want her husband to know, and vice versa. Talk to your sister about what some boundaries are.
  • What is the best way I can be in their lives? Your sister is breaking away from the family to start her new one. How does she want you in that new dynamic? Consider her feelings first and foremost.

Husband or Wife’s Brother

Are you excited to get more family members from your new spouse and have another sibling in your life? Or, perhaps the thought sounds daunting, given the not-so-picturesque relationship with your own family? Navigating the relationship with your wife’s brother requires some self-reflection and things to discuss with your new spouse. These include:

  • What is the history they have together?
  • How did they grow up together?
  • Did they have a sibling rivalry?
  • Is there any way I can influence their relationship?
  • What relationship do I have with my own brother?
  • How do I look at all of these relationships, and do I want them?

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