How to Improve the Relationship with Your Parents

Ways to Improve the Relationship with Your Parents

Improving the Relationship with Your Parents

Parent/child relationships can be one of the most complicated relationships one can have in their lifetime. While some relationships between parent and child can be filled with stress, misunderstanding, and crossing boundaries, they can also be filled with love, admiration, and affection. If you are struggling with your relationship with your parents and are looking for ways to improve it, we can help you. Keep reading to learn more about how to improve your relationship with your parents with a simple self-help app.

Understanding Your Parents

One of the first things you can do to improve the relationship you have with your parents is to understand your parents. Remember: Your parents are human, too, and they live their life based on how they were raised by their parents. Often, parent and child relationships are a reflection of what the parent was given, as that was their model for parenting throughout life.

Understanding the way your parents were raised, the generational norms of the time, and how they felt growing up can give you a good starting point for how to approach things with them. You can’t look at yesterday through today’s lens—even though it is difficult not to.

Tips for Improving Your Relationship with Your Parents

  • Show your love. This doesn’t have to mean jumping into their arms or telling them you love them if you’re uncomfortable doing so. It can mean small things, such as saying “thank you,” smiling at them when you see them or giving them a compliment.
  • See what mutual interests you have. If you are having trouble connecting with your parent, try to see what mutual interests you have and play off of those. Love the same sports teams? Do you both enjoy the same restaurant? These are great conversation starters.
  • Tell your parents what bothers you. If you are struggling with the relationship with your parents, there may be a chance that your parent has no idea how bad it is or how much it truly affects you. Carve out time to let them know what bothers you so that they can see a clear picture.

Improve Your Relationships with the Foojan App

The relationship you had with your parents stays with you, even through adulthood. You continue to view them as you knew them when you were a child. With the Foojan app, you can explore ways to either alter the dynamic with your parent or shed the unhealthy fantasy of changing a relationship that may be irretrievably broken.

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