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The Foojan App is more than simply a mental wellness app; it expands into a full lifestyle maintenance program. Should you desire personal one-on-one time with a licensed mental health expert, we offer access to a network of respected psychologists, therapists, wellness coaches, nutritionists and more.

 Each of our professional team members is fully certified to apply the innovative techniques of Awareness Integration Theory (AIT). We will work to match you with someone who will continue to guide you on your journey to greater self-awareness.

If you wish to explore beyond the Foojan App, please INQUIRE HERE, or view the list of AIT Certified professionals below.

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Add Your Special Knowledge To Our Professional Team

A large and growing community of professional providers has already made a significant impact in helping others change their lives in a powerful way. They are part of our Awareness Integration Theory (AIT) network, involved with applying this unique, highly successful approach to emotional healing.

Developed by Dr. Foojan Zeine to enhance self-awareness, effectively regulate emotions and release past traumas, science-based AIT promotes clarity and positivity in integrating the past with the present and future. And it is the key driver for the innovative new Foojan App.

If you are a well-respected mental health provider, we welcome you to become AIT-certified for expanded applications within your office, as well as for helping and educating clients through this progressive, far-reaching app.

The AIT mental health network is growing dramatically. To learn more about how you can capitalize on this exciting new opportunity to make a greater impact in your field, visit

AIT Practitioners

Find the Right Help for You with Our Certified Therapists and Coaches

Here you can find certified therapists and coaches who are trained in the AIT model. These therapists are not employed by or contracted with our company, so you can choose the right person to help you. However, please note that obtaining services from these therapists is not part of the services offered by our company. Browse our directory and find the right help for you today.

Certified AIT Psychotherapists

Nastaran Adibrad, Ph.D., Certified AIT Psychotherapist
Nastaran Adibrad, Ph.D.
Certified AIT Psychotherapist

Nastaran Adibrad, Psychotherapist, author, Public Speaker, host of podcast has her doctorate in counselling and psychotherapy from ITT in 2004. She is a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario Canada, CRPO, APA, OAMHP and Certified Canadian Counselor and Psychotherapist (CCCP). She has experience in Intimate Relations, Premarital Counselling, Pre and Post-Divorce Counseling. She has also specialty in Parenting, Self- Esteem, Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety and Traumas, Lost and Grief, Stress Reduction, Conflict Resolution Career and Education. Dr. Adibrad is a Certified Awareness Integration Therapy (AIT). She is also expert in Transactional Analysis, Acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACT), Healing Inner Child, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Behavior Modification, and Emotional Intelligence. She is the founder of “” which is a virtual Psycho- educational Website. She also has published more than 100 articles and 150 presentations in international and local community groups and conferences.

Nasrin Barkhordari, Psy.D., LMFT
Certified AIT Psychotherapist

Dr. Barkhordari is a dedicated and compassionate professional bringing more than thirty-five years of education and rich experience working with children and families from initial employment in preschools as both teacher and director to the culmination of mastery as a Child and Adolescent Development Specialist and Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Barkhordari is passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families to help them resolve any issues arising from mental, emotional, and or relational challenges. The work close to her heart is to help clients heal from childhood and past traumas and preventing children from enduring traumatic everyday life experiences. Therefore child, adolescent, and individual well-being; and couple and parenting therapy is at the center of her practice. She is seeing clients online and, in both Tarzana, and Santa Monica offices and is available evenings and Sundays. 

Hila Madani, Psy.D. Certified AIT Psychotherapist
Hila Madani, Psy.D.
Certified AIT Psychotherapist

Dr. Madani earned a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles, California. She is licensed by the California Board of Psychology. Her areas of expertise include AIT, Emotion-focused therapy and CBT. Formerly, she practiced as a Medical Doctor in Iran. With a background in Medicine, she earned strong clinical observation skills and established diagnoses based on a reasoning foundation. Learning about the human body, mind, and soul through a wide variety of experiences, Dr. Madani believes that no two people are alike, and everyone’s care must be individualized to their unique set of needs and characteristics. She works collaboratively with the Client to create an empowering, positive, and life-altering therapeutic experience, towards lasting changes. 

Gina Mahmoudi-Silverman, LMFT
Certified AIT Psychotherapist

Gina Mahmoudi-Silverman hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology from University of San Francisco. Her approach to psychotherapy is to listen to clients, understand their needs, and help them to effectively deal with the challenges they are facing.  I specialize in helping clients overcome anxiety, depression, and PTSD in a matter of months rather than years, so that they can once again live purposeful and joy-filled lives.  Having overcome life-altering PTSD myself and being certified in Awareness Integration Theory (AIT) have given me the tools to help others do the same.

Leili Zarbakhsh, Ph.D., LMFT
Certified AIT Psychotherapist

Dr. Zarbakhsh is a Licensed Educational Psychologist, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst – Doctorate level. Her approach to therapy is direct but nonjudgmental and gentle.  Dr. Zarbakhsh places importance on accountability in her therapeutic approach. Her work focuses on addressing current thoughts and behaviors through exploring how past experiences affect current issues and relationships. Dr. Zarbakhsh uses an eclectic blend of therapeutic approaches including behavioral, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness, focusing on cultivating healthy coping strategies and skills to deal effectively with life events and transitions and stress.  She believes that the small decisions we make daily, lead us to meaningful change.  Dr. Zarbakhsh has 30 years of experience working with families, children, and adolescents in out-patient treatment. She is empathetic and offers a supporting and nurturing environment. She is actively involved with her clients to put into effect the changes they need to achieve their goals. She provides thoughtful feedback in a respectful and supportive manner. 

Certified AIT Coaches

Amanollah Ghahraman
Certified AIT Coach

Amanollah Ghahraman has been a meditation & yoga Instructor for over 38 years. As a Life Coach & Wellbeing Coach In the last 30 years he has been leading many transformational and healing courses, workshops, and seminars! He also has designed programs for professionals in different fields: 1). Application of yoga principals on anxiety and stress management for psychotherapists; 2). In the field of addiction recovery; pain, anxiety, and stress management. 3). Occupational hazards and trauma prevention especially with dentists, dental hygienists & other professions with repetitive behaviors & work requirements. 

Amir Lahijy
Amir Lahijy
Certified AIT Coach

Amir Lahijy is a business and life coach. He has more than 30 years of experience, owning companies such as Tapesh Aram Computer Services, Javedan Studio, Hello Hollywood Productions, Javedan TV, Computer Emergency Services, Togetherness Media, Baham TV!  Amir is a Certified Awareness Integration Theory Coach and uses AIT as a business model to help businesses improve and grow to a higher level of productivity. He also supports people improve their life toward well-being & Success. Amir is based in Los Angeles and works with clients online.

Eileen Manoukian
Eileen Manoukian, MBA, Ed.D.
Certified AIT Parenting & Educational Coach

Dr. Manoukian is an international parenting coach/mentor, an early childhood educator in private practice, and the founder/director of Gem Educare, a childcare establishment/preschool in Los Angeles, California. She has more than 15 years of experience in business coaching, banking, and finance. She found her calling in life while she volunteered as a teacher and caregiver in a facility for low income, homeless, or orphaned children in South Africa. After realizing her calling, she began researching and observing early childhood programs and teaching methods during her travels around the world. Dr. Manoukian earned her doctoral degree from Walden University specializing in Early Childhood Education. She is a member of Mensa, NAEYC,  NAFCC, and Zero to Three. She was involved as a youth mentor with the Big Brother – Big Sister organization for over 10 years and Girl Scouts for over 15 years. Dr. Manoukian values diverse educational programs due to having lived and worked in five countries and speaking five languages as she engaged in the community. Her research interests include the importance of emotional intelligence in young children, social-emotional learning (SEL) skills in young children, and how early childhood educators support children’s school readiness skills. She is the co-hosts for a television and radio parenting show and frequently appears as an expert consultant on several other shows.

The information offered in the Foojan App is intended to provide helpful, proven advice. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions, however, are not intended to serve as a replacement for targeted professional counseling, psychotherapy or the provision of psychological services. Any use of this information is at the user’s discretion. Matters regarding your health and well-being may require medical supervision. Neither the creator of the Foojan App nor any of the app’s marketing and promotional team shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information, suggestions, or recommendations provided through this app. 

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