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The Foojan App is more than simply a mental wellness app; it expands into a full lifestyle maintenance program. Should you desire personal one-on-one time with a licensed mental health expert, we offer access to a network of respected psychologists, therapists, wellness coaches, nutritionists and more.

 Each of our professional team members is fully certified to apply the innovative techniques of Awareness Integration Theory (AIT). We will work to match you with someone who will continue to guide you on your journey to greater self-awareness.

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Add Your Special Knowledge To Our Professional Team

A large and growing community of professional providers has already made a significant impact in helping others change their lives in a powerful way. They are part of our Awareness Integration Theory (AIT) network, involved with applying this unique, highly successful approach to emotional healing.

Developed by Dr. Foojan Zeine to enhance self-awareness, effectively regulate emotions and release past traumas, science-based AIT promotes clarity and positivity in integrating the past with the present and future. And it is the key driver for the innovative new Foojan App.

If you are a well-respected mental health provider, we welcome you to become AIT-certified for expanded applications within your office, as well as for helping and educating clients through this progressive, far-reaching app.

The AIT mental health network is growing dramatically. To learn more about how you can capitalize on this exciting new opportunity to make a greater impact in your field, visit

The information offered in the Foojan App is intended to provide helpful, proven advice. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions, however, are not intended to serve as a replacement for targeted professional counseling, psychotherapy or the provision of psychological services. Any use of this information is at the user’s discretion. Matters regarding your health and well-being may require medical supervision. Neither the creator of the Foojan App nor any of the app’s marketing and promotional team shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information, suggestions, or recommendations provided through this app. 

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