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The consensus is clear – app users are finding the help they seek with the powerful Foojan App. Offering an easy-to-follow process, its thoughtful interactive approach delivers a clear path to a better future that you design and control. Read what others are saying now!

Testimonial by Chris S.

Testimonial by Maria S.

Clarity and Brilliance

With clarity and brilliance, Dr. Zeine inspires and guides us to realize our inner potential for increasing happiness and love.

John Gray Author, "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"

Infectious Optimism

Dr. Zeine shares her wisdom and infectious optimism as she takes human potential to a new level. Her Awareness Integration model is ripe with opportunities for meaningful change from which readers are sure to learn and benefit.

Michael D. Yapko, PhD Clinical Psychologist | Author of "Depression is Contagious" and "Breaking the Patterns of Depression"

Live Life at the Highest Levels

Dr. Foojan Zeine has written an immensely practical and illuminating guide for how to live life at the highest levels. Her work will teach you how to move into the creative state of self-awareness that allows an intentional positive life. Especially helpful is her “both/and” approach that equally emphasizes the importance of positive intention and how to creatively transform the inevitable major obstacles and old wounds that are integral to every great journey. I will recommend this book to many clients and students!

Stephen Gilligan, PhD Psychologist | Author of "The Courage to Love"

An Emotional Cleansing

The Awareness Integration Model ℠ has helped me to understand and accept all aspects of my psyche including the dark and shadow sides. It acted as an emotional cleansing for me. I learned how to experience my emotion and how to deal and manage them. Through this model, I came back to my core self with love. I recommend this model for everyone who wants to learn how to and come to terms with who they are within.


I Feel More Confident

I am very happy & thankful to take advantage of your "Model". Some of my thoughts changed into clear words and plans. And some dark (or sad) memories changed to be a normal part of my life. Overall, I feel more confident; have more love and respect for myself and believe in my talents( blessings) much more than before.


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