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Awareness Integration Theory

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Awareness Integration Theory (AIT) is the powerful science that drives the Foojan app. This multi-modality psychological model enhances self-awareness, releases past traumas, promotes a positive attitude toward learning, and helps develop new mental health skills for productive, successful living.


AIT actually synthesizes components of proven, recognized psychological methods such as:

But what sets AIT apart is its ability to integrate the various components of the “Self” that have been shattered and separated through your environment, experiences, and psychological trauma. Through AIT, you learn to identify the influences behind habitual patterns that, while no longer useful to you, still hold sway on your life. With this new awareness, you are empowered to enact positive change.

Developed by the renowned Dr. Foojan Zeine, AIT has been used effectively for more than 15 years in face-to-face and online psychotherapy sessions. As a self- help model, it has achieved astonishing results without therapist interaction. Published in numerous international journals, and as a self-help book and a textbook for mental health professionals, AIT offers a practical road map for re-establishing your individuality and unleashing your potential for a more fulfilling future.

Experience the 6 Phases of
Awareness Integration Theory

…And follow your own inspiring path to improved self-esteem, with reduced depression and anxiety.



your relationship with the outside world, including people and concepts.



how you assume and formulate hypotheses about how others relate to you.



how you view yourself, both positively and negatively, as well as your opposing needs and desires.



on a negative core belief about yourself and ponder how you have formulated it, generalized it and assigned it to yourself.



your tomorrow by creating a personal mission statement, establishing maintenance goals and creating action plans to achieve your goals.



some structures, and find an accountability buddy, that can help you stay on course.


Real-world results achieved by AIT-based psychotherapy in 10 to 30 sessions

as reported by International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience
Vol. 16, No. 60-65, pp. ISSN 1522-4821
  • 76% Decrease in Depression
  • 60% Decrease in Anxiety
  • 43% Increase in Self-Esteem
  • 20% Increase in Self-Efficacy
Decrease in Depression
Decrease in Anxiety
Increase in Self-Esteem
Increase in Self-Efficacy
Less Feeling of Anxiousness & Anxiety
Improvement in Depressive Moods
Increased Self-Esteem
Boost in Self-Efficacy

Awareness Integration: An Alternative Therapeutic Methodology to Reducing Depression, Anxiety, While Improving Low Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Separated or Divorced Individuals

as reported by Mental Health in Family Medicine (2017)
13: 451-458 2017 Mental Health and Family Medicine Ltd
  • 37% Less Feeling of Anxiousness & Anxiety
  • 27.5% Improvement in Depressive Moods
  • 15% Increased Self-Esteem
  • 13% boost in self-efficacy.

Awareness Integration: A Non-Invasive Recovery Methodology in Reducing College Students’ Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

as reported by
TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology – November 2017, Special Issue for IETC 2017

Vol. 16, No. 60-65, pp. ISSN 1522-4821

  • 68% Decrease in Depression
  • 21% Decrease in Anxiety
Decrease in Depression
Decrease in Anxiety

The Foojan App Grows as You Grow

The beauty of the Foojan app is that it continues to open up new ways to expand your capacity for growth. As you follow the various steps of self-awareness, you will discover up to 30 exciting and challenging new Life Areas to explore.


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The information offered in the Foojan App is intended to provide helpful, proven advice. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions, however, are not intended to serve as a replacement for targeted professional counseling, psychotherapy or the provision of psychological services. Any use of this information is at the user’s discretion. Matters regarding your health and well-being may require medical supervision. Neither the creator of the Foojan App nor any of the app’s marketing and promotional team shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information, suggestions, or recommendations provided through this app. 

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