How Your Relationship With Your Mom Impacts You

How Your Relationship With Your Mom Impacts You

Improving the Relationship with Your Mom

How is your relationship with your Mom? If your answer is something along the lines of “wish it were better,” or even worse, you are not alone. About 10 percent of Americans are estranged from a parent or child. What you might not realize is how the relationship with your mother, or the lack of a relationship, is impacting you in other areas of your life. Keep reading to learn more about how the relationship with your mom impacts you and how to heal that bond with a simple life-coaching app.

How Your Mother-Child Relationship Impacts You Throughout Life

The relationship you have with your mom begins before birth. Humans tend to gravitate toward one of their caretakers the most—and, in most cases, that is the mother. The relationship with your mother is the most fundamental way you will learn the following life skills:

  • Learn love
  • Express love
  • Feel love
  • Feel safe

As an adult, it is highly likely that your mother is one of the top people who can “push your buttons.” Whether it is her comments about your spouse, your home, the way you live your life, or the way she is with your children that you may not agree with, there are assuredly many things your mother does that can trigger you more than anything else.

However, the relationship with your mother is also such a major part of your identity and has made you who you are. Whether or not you realize it, you carry many aspects of her in all of your other relationships.

How Healing That Bond Will Improve Your Life

The relationship you have with your mother will either haunt you through your life or help to make it better, depending on your awareness of it. If the relationship with your mother is too toxic to repair, you can repair your awareness of it, your outlook on it, and how you allow it to impact your life. By doing this, you can improve many other areas of your life, including:

  • Your close relationships
  • Relationship with your spouse
  • Relationship with your own children
  • The relationship with your body
  • How you perceive success
  • Your anxiety and where you feel safe
  • And much more

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