Co-Parenting: Getting On The Same Page with Raising Children

Getting On The Same Page with Raising Children

Get a Better Co-Parenting Relationship

Parenting is the most difficult thing anybody can go through, especially when it comes to co-parenting with someone else. Whether you are co-parenting with your current spouse or partner or an ex, parenting is difficult on many levels. If you are not on the same page with raising children, it can affect your child in many ways. Keep reading to learn more about how to get a better co-parenting relationship and the one life coaching app that can help you, starting today.

Most Common Co-Parenting Issues

If you are having a tough time raising kids with your partner or former partner, you are not alone. Many parents experience the same exact co-parenting issues. These include:

  • Resentment. Divorce or a breakup can build up a lot of resentment that a child can feel. Resentment can also build between a happy couple. Whether you believe your husband gets more free time than you, doesn’t help as much as you would like, or your former spouse cheated on you, there are many levels of resentment that can trickle down to the kids.
  • Consistency. Having a united front between parents can be extremely difficult. One of you might allow your child to have more screen time than the other or eat more junk food, while the other parent is stuck feeling like the “bad cop” who does all the discipline. This can be confusing for children.
  • Competition. This tops the list as the most common co-parenting problem: Who can be the more fun, exciting, better parent? Your kids will start to feel the competition and anxiety. You don’t have to win their love; they were born loving you.

How Negative Co-Parenting Affects Children

Children can feel when something is off. Children’s senses are on overdrive, and they are very receptive to all the feelings they receive from their caregivers, especially their parents. If they start feeling too much anxiety and stress, strange things can start happening. This includes:

  • Nightmares
  • Fears of going outside
  • Difficulty being alone

Children tend to make things “make sense” in their heads by crossing with their imagination. This can cause them to believe things that are not real. The best way to help your child deal with stress is to talk to them calmly and ask them directly what their fears are. Play with them and read to them so that they have more positive experiences with you to cross their imagination with.

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