The Relationship with Your Grandfather

The Relationship with Your Grandfather

Do You Have a Relationship with Your Grandfather?

Grandfathers have a way of making us feel special and important, as well as loved and cherished when they pay special attention to us. As the patriarch of the family, Grandfathers can be intimidating, full of wisdom, and also full of love. Do you have a relationship with your Grandfather? Keep reading to learn more about how the relationship with your Grandfather impacts your life and how using the Foojan App can help you discover how.

Did You Grow Up with a Grandfather?

If you were lucky enough to grow up with your grandfather, how was that relationship? Were you close with your Grandfather? Perhaps you enjoyed plenty of time with him, had a special name for him, had special secrets, and made a lot of memories.

However, many people do not grow up with a Grandfather. Even if they are alive, they may live far, be standoffish about children, are not the babysitting type, or do not have a good relationship with your parents—which, in turn, affects their relationship with you.

Your Grandfather’s Evolving Wisdom

Grandfathers are well known for having a lot of wisdom. When you are young, plenty of that wisdom surrounds how to treat others, how to present yourself, and how to be polite. As you grow, that wisdom evolves into career, relationship, and life advice.

There may be many things you hold on to, especially a couple in particular, that you choose to live your life by. However, there may be many others that you dismiss or choose not to integrate into your life. How do you choose which to listen to?

If your Grandfather is currently alive, the best thing you can do to gain wisdom from him is to listen to him tell stories. Stories from our Grandparent’s area are amazing to listen to, and you just might pick up a nugget that you choose to move forward with.

Your Relationship with Your Grandfather and the Foojan App

Wondering how the relationship with your Grandfather has impacted your life, whether positively or negatively? Navigating the Foojan App can help you.

The groundbreaking Foojan App reflects years of research and the formal application of therapies practiced by eminent psychotherapist Dr. Foojan Zeine. This includes Dr. Zeine’s highly acclaimed Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which enables you to identify your negative core beliefs, release constraining memories from the past, and pursue a fulfilling future of your own design.

This customized self-help app was developed to meet Dr. Zeine’s desire to share her knowledge and unique therapy style with as many struggling and searching individuals as possible. Dr. Zeine and her professional team are dedicated to providing step-by-step guidance in your healing process so that you, and others like you, can function effectively and productively for a happier life.

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