Improving Your Friendships: Self-Help Apps

Improving Your Friendships: Self-Help Apps

How to Improve Your Friendships with Self-Help Apps

Life, kids, careers, and more can make maintaining your friendships difficult. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and suddenly it’s been years since you have spent time with your closest friends. If you are looking for improve your friendships and make more time for the people in your life, a self-help app can help. Keep reading to learn more about what self-help apps are, ways to improve your friendships, and one of the best self-help apps you can use to get you there.

What Are Self-Help Apps?

According to Kaiser Permanente, in a recent survey regarding self-help apps of more than 2,000 Americans, 3 out of 4 people said that over the course of the pandemic, they had increased their use of digital tools that support their mental health. The research was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Kaiser Permanente.

Other concerns that respondents hoped to address through self-care included difficulties with family and friends (37%), loneliness and social challenges (35%), problems with intimate relationships (33%), concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic (33%) and other current events (29%), and worries about work and school (26%).

Tips for Improving Your Friendships

Some of the best tips for improving your friendships include:

  • Understanding your similarities. Chances are, you have different friends in different areas of your life. Your hobby friends might be very different from your work friends, and your high school friends are different from your college crew. This is okay! Embrace your similarities and celebrate each unique friend you have.
  • Eliminate drama. Become more aware of your friends and what they add to your life. If you notice that some are providing more drama than enrichment, it might be time to reevaluate.
  • Nurture your bonds. This is the hard part: Nurturing the bonds you have with your friends by spending time with them and setting aside time to check in on them and what interests them. These small things will help create more realistic and longer-lasting bonds.

Improving Your Friendships the Foojan App

The groundbreaking Foojan App reflects years of research and the formal application of therapies practiced by eminent psychotherapist Dr. Foojan Zeine. This includes Dr. Zeine’s highly acclaimed Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which enables you to identify your negative core beliefs, release constraining memories from the past, and pursue a fulfilling future of your own design.

This customized self-help app was developed to meet Dr. Zeine’s desire to share her knowledge and unique therapy style with as many struggling and searching individuals as possible. Dr. Zeine and her professional team are dedicated to providing step-by-step guidance in your healing process so that you, and others like you, can function effectively and productively for a happier life.

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