Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

Do You Have a Relationship with Your Sister-In-Law?

Do you have a sister-in-law? Whether she is the wife of your brother or she is your spouse’s sister, a sister-in-law can be an awesome relationship that intertwines various aspects of companionship, familial connections, and shared moments. Sisters-in-law are an important part of any family dynamic as they work together to learn ongoing traditions in order to carry them on and foster a sense of extended support and belonging, creating a tight-knit network of individuals who genuinely care for and appreciate one another. If you have a sister-in-law, keep reading to understand more about your relationship with your sister-in-law.

Your Brother’s Wife

If your brother just got married, congratulations: You have a new family member! For many, this is exciting, and accepting her with open arms is expected. However, for some siblings, this can be easier said than done. For many sisters, it can either spell out competition or new best friend.

  • Do you have a sister? If you have your own sister, the way you act toward your brother’s wife may be projected onto her. This is true whether you are close to your own sister or not.
  • What is my relationship with my brother like? If you are very close to your brother, you may either feel that his wife is a threat to your relationship with him or that you are expecting to be best friends with her.
  • What role should I play? Talk with your brother and see what kind of boundaries he expects and what kind of relationship you envision.

Your Spouse’s Sister

Does your husband or wife have a sister? Understanding your relationship with your new in-laws comes down to how your spouse’s relationship is with them, as well. Has it been full of competition and jealousy? Or, are your spouse and their sister very close?

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Can we have a cordial friendship? It is pretty rare for many people to become best friends with their sister-in-law, but it is common to be able to have a cordial, friendly relationship.
  • How am I interpreting their behavior? Depending on my own relationship with my own siblings, am I interpreting her behavior as malicious or kind? Why do I feel this way, and does my spouse agree?
  • How can I refrain from saying anything negative about her to my mate but also create a boundary? No matter what happens, your spouse will always be in the middle. It is important to remember that your spouse loves you both very much, and any conflict will only hurt them the most in the end. It is important to find the delicate balance of letting your spouse know what is going on but also remaining respectful.

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