Mental Health Apps: How Can I Improve My Body Image?

How Can I Improve My Body Image?

Mental Health Apps: How Can I Improve My Body Image?

Having a positive body image is something that seems very rare these days. Between social media, celebrities, and easy access to plastic surgery, it has become increasingly difficult to love yourself and the skin you’re in. If you’re struggling with improving your body image, you are not alone. Luckily, there are ways to help you improve your body image, self-esteem, and overall confidence. Keep reading to learn about improving your body image through a mental health app and how to get started today.

Can a Mental Health App Help with Body Image?

Confidence is at the core of improving your body image and self-esteem. Confidence isn’t something we are always born with; some people are, but many are not. Confidence can be a learned skill, however, and a mental health app can help get you there.

Once you download the Foojan app, you will respond to a series of self-evaluation questions. These questions will eventually encompass six phases of your life and relationships, which will help improve your confidence and other areas of your life, including your body image.

Through your interactive responses, the app will support you in integrating the unfinished business of your past with your present – enabling you to create the life you truly want. As you go through the app, you can request more specific attention – everything from expert informational content to access to AIT professionals who can assist you.

Three Steps to Enlightenment

The power of Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which drives the Foojan App, lies in three insightful steps.

  1. Awareness. You attain a more acute awareness of the distinction between your thoughts and emotions, your resulting behavior, and their impact on the world around you, both internally and externally.
  2. Integration. You begin to integrate the elements of your past and present, discarding the things that are no longer working for you and working to make yourself whole. Avoid previous assumptions about yourself as you resolve your unfinished business.
  3. Action. You can now develop your own value system in which you take control in choosing who you are. Go ahead…create your new life. Begin implementing your action plan where you take control of your life.

About the Foojan App

The groundbreaking Foojan App reflects years of research and the formal application of therapies practiced by eminent psychotherapist Dr. Foojan Zeine. This includes Dr. Zeine’s highly acclaimed Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which enables you to identify your negative core beliefs, release constraining memories from the past, and pursue a fulfilling future of your own design.

This customized self-help app was developed to meet Dr. Zeine’s desire to share her knowledge and unique therapy style with as many struggling and searching individuals as possible. Dr. Zeine and her professional team are dedicated to providing step-by-step guidance in your healing process so that you, and others like you, can function effectively and productively for a happier life.

We invite you to meet the key individuals responsible for the Foojan App’s user-friendly design, personalized interface, and powerful messaging by visiting us at!