Your Relationship with Your Mother-In-Law

Your Relationship with Your Mother-In-Law

How Your Mother-In-Law Affects Your Marriage

It’s a tale as old as time: Your mother-in-law is affecting your marriage. Even if your mother-in-law has good intentions, as do you, things may quickly start to sour, especially if you are the wife to her son. Keep reading to learn more about how your mother-in-law affects your marriage and how navigating the Foojan app can help you find peace and clarity in the relationship in order to improve your own marriage.

The Role Of Your Mother-In-Law

In-laws can be a tricky situation, especially when it comes to your mother-in-law. While you have been used to the inner workings of your own family for your entire life, you are now dropped into a brand-new family that operates completely differently. Having trust, respect, love, and all the other wonderful things that come along with family can be difficult to muster up at first to people that you do not know that well.

You’re not the only one dreading the family dinner: A recent study published in the Evolutionary Psychological Science journal found that both men and women report having more conflict with their mothers-in-law (44%) than with their own mothers (39%), and the majority of conflicts between spouses and their mothers-in-law revolved around financial resources and child care.

Being downgraded in their child’s lives can be difficult for mothers to face the reality of, no matter how long her child and their partner have been together. This requires respect and patience on both ends as mothers learn to navigate their new reality as second-fiddle to their child’s spouse.

When Your In-Laws Affect Your Marriage

Often, we expect to have the same relationship with our in-laws as we do with our own parents, and vice versa, but most people usually become disappointed in that scenario.

Hopefully, you have a wonderful relationship with your mother-in-law with absolutely no issues. However, that is usually not the case. Mother-in-law figures tend to become overbearing within their child’s marriage, especially their sons. This can cause a power struggle between the wife and mother-in-law, putting the husband in a tricky situation that may build resentment.

This is why it is important to clear any issues that you have with your mother-in-law so that you can keep your partner happy and your conscience free of stress.

Understanding Your Mother-In-Law with the Foojan App

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