The Relationship with Your Grandmother

Your Grandmother’s Impact On Your Life

The Relationship with Your Grandmother

Did you know your relationship with your grandmother is one of the most important relationships you have in your life? Whether you are, or were, very close with your grandmother, or you didn’t have much of a personal relationship with her at all, her shockwaves are felt throughout your entire life, and you might not even realize it. Keep reading to learn more about the relationship with your grandmother and how it can shape you as a person, and how to navigate this through our self-help app.

Was Your Grandmother In Your Childhood?

Grandmothers are generally famous for giving their grandchildren anything they want and going against the child’s parent’s “normal” rules. Grandmothers generally love to spoil with gifts and candy, cherish the time spent with their grandkids, and treasure them to a great extent.

However, not every grandmother/grandchild relationship is this way. Perhaps your grandmother lived in a different state, was estranged from your parents, or was no longer alive during your childhood. People who experience this often wonder what it might have been like to have that loving, doting grandmother in their lives.

The Relationship With Your Grandmother: Generational Messages

Whether your grandmother was in your life during your childhood or not, you are experiencing their generational messages. These generational messages include:

  • How your parents express love to you, as their child, through the example of your grandmother
  • How your parents received love from their grandmother
  • How you may express and receive the love between you and your parents

The generational messages received to you through your parents and grandparents may be positive and something you would like to emulate as well. However, they may also be a cycle you wish to break.

Understanding the Relationship with Your Grandmother on the Foojan App

Understanding the relationship with your grandmother and the impacts she has had on your life can be navigated through the Foojan app. Whether you were very close with her and she had a hand in raising you, you had a relationship with her from afar, or didn’t have one at all; her impacts are part of your life fabric.

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