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A More Compassionate Inner Voice

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Discover how to make your inner voice kinder and more loving. Instead of punishing yourself, utilize the Foojan app to turn negative beliefs about yourself into more positive, nurturing ones. You will finally see yourself as a complete human being, with vulnerabilities, strengths and the ability to move forward.


Enhance & Renew Your Bonds

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The way we communicate and the assumptions we make impact our intimate relationships. Often, we bring our own suffering into play. The Foojan app helps you see that, rather than just you, there’s another person involved that you need to get to know. Once you understand this, you will open the path to a healthy, evolving partnership.


Upgrade Your Professional Status

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Learn how to turn your job into a fulfilling career. It begins with breaking the lifelong patterns that have sabotaged your past work environments. Through this enlightening app, you gain the awareness and motivation to shift out of old habits and to learn about the strengths that will help you find work that satisfies and sustains you.


Boost Your Connections

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We set different criteria for each of our friends, though in every case our friendships are built on similarities. By understanding those similarities and celebrating each friend for his or her special niche, we become more aware of their uniqueness…eliminating the drama and creating more realistic and lasting bonds.


Refine Your Fiscal Affairs

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Here’s your chance to break the old patterns, learned from your family system, that may be holding you back. Here, you begin to understand how financial management is tied into your belief system, and you learn how to build the special skills that lead to smarter money management and greater earning capacity.


Refresh your Kinships

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The relationship you had with your parents stays with you, even through adulthood. You continue to view them as you knew them when you were a child. With the Foojan app, you can explore ways to either alter the dynamic with your parent or shed the unhealthy fantasy of changing a relationship that may be irretrievably broken.


A Grand Journey

Dr. Zeine’s Awareness Integration Model offers a very useful map to “reset” your life’s path. Follow it and you’ll be on a grand journey to greater freedom, health, and happiness!

Michael F. Hoyt, PhD Author of "Some Stories Are Better than Others", "The Present is a Gift", "Brief Therapy: Principles and Practices", and "Brief Therapy and Beyond"

Infectious Optimism

Dr. Zeine shares her wisdom and infectious optimism as she takes human potential to a new level. Her Awareness Integration model is ripe with opportunities for meaningful change from which readers are sure to learn and benefit.

Michael D. Yapko, PhD Clinical Psychologist | Author of "Depression is Contagious" and "Breaking the Patterns of Depression"

Clarity and Brilliance

With clarity and brilliance, Dr. Zeine inspires and guides us to realize our inner potential for increasing happiness and love.

John Gray Author, "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"

How It Works

Your Better Life
Through The Foojan App
in 3 Easy Steps

The simple, straightforward approach

of the Foojan App is what makes it so

successful for those who use it. 


You respond to a series of self-evaluation questions. These questions will eventually encompass six phases of your life and relationships.


Through your interactive responses, the app will support you in integrating the unfinished business of your past with your present – enabling you to create the life you truly want.


As you go through the app, you can request more specific attention – everything from expert informational content to access to AIT professionals who can assist you.

Clear the Past,
Create Your Future

Using the Foojan App:

Awareness Integration Related Books by Dr. Foojan Zeine

The life-changing Foojan app is based on Awareness Integration Theory (A.I.T.)

A.I.T. integrates cognitive, behavioral, emotional and body-mind techniques, to enhance self-awareness, increase self-esteem, release past traumas, reduce symptoms of anxiety and promote a clear, positive attitude. This leads to a healthier – and happier – approach to your self-worth and behavior toward


3 Steps to Enlightenment

The power of Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which drives the Foojan App, lies in three insightful steps.



You attain a more acute awareness of the distinction between your thoughts and emotions, your resulting behavior and their impact on the world around you, both internally and externally.



You begin to integrate the elements of your past and present, discarding the things that are no longer working for you and working to make yourself whole. Avoid previous assumptions about yourself as you resolve your unfinished business.



You now can develop your own value system in which you take control in choosing who you are. Go ahead…create your new life. Begin implementing your action plan where you take control of your life.

Redefine Your Life Today!

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Continue designing your better life every day, with a Foojan app subscription. As part of that subscription, 3 new life improvement areas will be made available to you each month. Your subscription will also give you access to other valuable online resources, including our skill-building library and AIT-certified coaches and mental health professionals.


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  • 3 New Life Areas Monthly
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The information offered in the Foojan App is intended to provide helpful, proven advice. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions, however, are not intended to serve as a replacement for targeted professional counseling, psychotherapy or the provision of psychological services. Any use of this information is at the user’s discretion. Matters regarding your health and well-being may require medical supervision. Neither the creator of the Foojan App nor any of the app’s marketing and promotional team shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information, suggestions, or recommendations provided through this app. 

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