The Bond With Your Brother

Do You Have a Brother?

The Bond With Your Brother

Do you have a brother, or are you the brother in your family? Perhaps you are both a brother and have a brother, or you have many brothers! Brothers are an important part of the family, and there are many expectations and roles that come along with being a brother. Whether you are a brother, have a brother, or both, it is important to understand your role in their lives and their roles in yours. Keep reading to learn more about how the bond with your brother affects you and how to understand it better using our self-help app.

Do You Have a Brother?

If you have a brother, you are well aware that brothers can be a number of things to you in your life, including:

  • Protector. If your brother is older than you, he will feel the instinct to want to protect you, especially if you are his sister.
  • Competitor. Men, in general, tend to be competitive, especially toward each other. This is especially true if your brother is close to the same age as you, whether older or younger.
  • Confidante. No matter how competitive you and your brother may be, how much you have wrestled, or how much you may argue, your brother will be your best confidante and will always be willing to give you advice.
  • Best friend. Your brother will be the best friend you’ll ever have, especially as you become adults.

Are You the Brother?

In many cultures, brothers have significant roles in the family, especially the eldest brother. They can be seen as pseudo-fathers put on a pedestal. If you are the brother, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you do things just to see how your siblings will react?
  • Do you want to play the father role to your siblings?
  • Do you want them to respect you?
  • Do you want them to put you on a pedestal?
  • How do you come across to your siblings?
  • How are you handling your role as the brother?

The Brother Bond and the Foojan App

The key to understanding your brother’s role in your life and the role you play in your siblings (if you are the brother), is knowing how you come across on both sides. Whether you can’t stand your brother, you love your brother, or you have a great relationship with your siblings if you are the brother, this brother bond plays a large part in your life.

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