Have a Great Relationship with Your Subordinates

How to Be a Better Boss

Have a Great Relationship with Your Subordinates

Are you a manager, business owner, or boss, and looking to have a better relationship with your subordinates? When it comes to having a successful team, morale truly comes “from the top”. As such, it is important to be a great boss who fosters a respectful work environment with great communication. Unsure of how to get there? Keep reading to learn more about how to create a great line of communication with your team, foster a respectful work environment, and have a great relationship with your subordinates so everyone can thrive.

Communication: Relationship with Your Subordinates

The first step to having a great relationship with your subordinates is to have a clear, open line of communication with them. Nobody likes to be micromanaged, to feel as if they are a disturbance to their boss, to be spoken to negatively, to feel like they can’t contribute, or to feel unimportant. Some ways you can avoid negative feelings in the office include:

  • Listen actively. If one of your subordinates comes to you with an idea, issue, concern, or suggestion, take the time to stop what you’re doing and give them your full attention. Allow them to speak before providing your thoughts, and acknowledge what they are saying.
  • Encourage input or feedback. There is a reason you hired your subordinates: They possess the skills needed for the job. You can’t do everything, and you do not know everything, either. Make sure you encourage your subordinates to provide you with feedback, input, or ideas that can help.
  • Give one-on-one time. When possible, give your subordinates one-on-one time. This could be in the form of weekly or monthly meetings, coffee outings, or calls. Giving your team this individual attention will make them feel more comfortable with you and encourage them to want to come to you with input, feedback, and ideas.

Respect: Relationship with Your Subordinates

For many people, the workplace is where we spend most of our time. We are there all day, almost every day, and can sometimes see our coworkers more often than our own families. As such, it is vital to ensure you are fostering a respectful, enjoyable place for your subordinates to be every day. Ways to do this include:

  • Providing constructive feedback. Need to have a chat with one of your subordinates about an issue? Being constructive is the best way to go.
  • Setting clear expectations. Make it clear to your subordinates what you want done, how you want it done, and when you want it done. The clearer the objective, the less there is room for confusion or mistakes.
  • Recognize their achievements. Did someone on your team go above and beyond? Make sure you recognize them and reward them for their contributions.

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