Are Mental Health Apps Covered By Insurance?

Are Mental Health Apps Covered By Insurance?

Are Mental Health Apps Covered By Insurance?

Mental health apps are great tools when it comes to self-care. Not everybody has the time or means to attend in-person therapy, or it simply may not be what works best for them. Mental health apps give quick and easy access to mental health resources in the palm of your hand. As such, you might be wondering if mental health apps and the expenses involved with them are covered by insurance. Keep reading to find out more about insurance coverage as well as the best mental health app that actually works.

Do Mental Health Apps Actually Work?

If you are someone who needs access to mental health resources such as therapy, support, advice, and guidance, a mental health app may be a great option for you. People who use mental health apps can find they actually work if:

  • You are looking for positive coping skills
  • Don’t have time for traditional therapy appointments
  • Want to keep on track
  • Are looking to learn new skills or improve upon skills, such as communication, organization, and self-management

Does Insurance Cover Mental Health Apps?

According to JMIR, although apps and other digital and mobile health tools are helping improve the mental health of Americans, they are currently being reimbursed through a varied range of means, and most are not being reimbursed by payers at all. Currently, many apps face significant barriers to reimbursement. CPT codes are not a viable means of providing compensation for the use of all apps, particularly those involving little physician work. In some cases, apps have sought clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for prescription use as digital therapeutics, a reimbursement mechanism with as yet unproven sustainability. There is a need for simpler, more robust reimbursement mechanisms to cover stand-alone app-based treatments.

The best way to find out whether mental health apps are covered by insurance is to call your insurance provider and find out. There are so many different types of insurance companies and plans, and if mental health app insurance coverage is important to you, you can seek new insurance that can cover it.

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