Coping with Illness

Coping with Illness: Caregivers and Sufferers

Coping with Illness

Are you coping with illness? Whether you are the sufferer, caregiver, loved one, or friend of someone who is suffering from an illness, it can be tough on everyone involved. There are so many emotions, stages, and behaviors that happen along the way. If you find yourself in this position, finding support and healthy ways to cope is important. Keep reading to learn more about coping with illness and how a self-help app can help guide you along your journey.

Coping with Illness as a Caregiver

Are you the caregiver for someone you love? Watching someone you love go through an illness is already difficult in itself; being in the trenches with them brings a whole other level of issues and stress to deal with. Caregiver burnout is caused by long-term stress that can affect your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

  • Do you know the signs of caregiver burnout? Caregivers can feel burnout, and it is important to know the signs. Do you feel overwhelmed, burdened, tired, easily agitated, or sad? Are there changes in your weight, sleeping habits, and eating habits? Do you suffer from frequent headaches?
  • Know what to do when burnt out. If you’re feeling burnt out, make sure you ask for help, join a support group, embrace new routines, find the source of your stress, find ways to perform self-care, and find ways to enjoy “you” time.
  • Know what NOT to do when burnt out. Delay making any major decisions, making any major purchases, or taking your anger out on your loved one.

Coping with Illness as a Sufferer

Are you the one suffering from illness and are not sure how to cope with the inevitable?

  • Allow yourself to feel. Cry, be angry, have a bad day, curl up in bed, binge-watch TV, and order that pizza. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and go through your emotions, but make sure you have an exit plan out of these tough emotions.
  • Be patient. Treatment and recovery may take a long time or, in some cases, may not happen at all. Be patient with your caregivers and your team.
  • Reach out. Don’t feel like a burden; the ones who love you want to help you. Make sure you’re talking to your family, close friends, and support system. Joining a support group for those going through similar things will help, as will checking off all those bucket list items.

Find Ways to Cope with the Foojan App

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