mental health apps for college kids

What Are The Best Mental Health Apps For College Kids?

What Are The Best Mental Health Apps For College Kids?

While many people look back at their college years as some of the best in their life, it can be easy to forget how stressful it was during those years. As much fun and excitement that college can bring, it can also bring a set of challenges that can affect the mental health of the people experiencing it. If you or someone you love is in college and struggling with mental health or self-care, keep reading to find out more about the best mental health apps for college kids and ways to cope.

Why Mental Health Apps Are On The Rise

Can you really get help for your mental health struggles through an app? The answer is yes, and the trend is on the rise. According to the American Psychological Association, mental health-related self-help apps now number somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000, estimates Stephen Schueller, PhD, executive director of One Mind PsyberGuide, a nonprofit organization offering accurate, unbiased information about such apps. The number can be hard to track as new apps are constantly being developed, and older ones are taken off the market, says Schueller.

Since college-age kids are one of the first generations of keen smartphone users, it is no surprise that the use of mental health apps is on the rise.

Unique Challenges for College-Age Kids

College-age kids experience a unique set of challenges that other generations cannot relate to. These include:

  • The pressure of grades, papers, exams, and GPAs
  • Keeping up with sports and clubs
  • Fitting into a social group
  • Being far away from home
  • Living away from the home for the first time
  • Challenges of social media and online bullying

As such, it is important for college-age kids to find something to help them cope with these challenges. Ways to cope with hard times during college include:

  • Checking in frequently with loved ones
  • Visiting home as often as possible during breaks
  • Downloading mental health apps, such as the Foojan App
  • Finding a creative outlet, such as fitness, art, or music

The Best Mental Health App: Foojan App

The groundbreaking Foojan App reflects years of research and the formal application of therapies practiced by eminent psychotherapist Dr. Foojan Zeine. This includes Dr. Zeine’s highly acclaimed Awareness Integration Theory (AIT), which enables you to identify your negative core beliefs, release constraining memories from the past, and pursue a fulfilling future of your own design.

This customized self-help app was developed to meet Dr. Zeine’s desire to share her knowledge and unique therapy style with as many struggling and searching individuals as possible. Dr. Zeine and her professional team are dedicated to providing step-by-step guidance in your healing process so that you, and others like you, can function effectively and productively for a happier life.

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