A Successful Relationship with Your Coworkers

A Successful Relationship with Your Coworkers

Let’s Talk About Your Coworkers

In many careers, you see your coworkers more often than your own family at times. They are the people you spend the most time with, talk to the most, and collaborate with the closest. As such, it is important to make sure that you have a healthy, successful relationship with your coworkers to ensure your success in your career. Keep reading to learn more about how finding yourself within your career can change your relationship with your coworkers and the self-help app you need to help guide you.

Finding Yourself Within Your Career

Why did you choose the job you have right now?

Think about this for a moment. Not career—we are talking about your job. There are many jobs within a career, ones that are necessary as you move your way up the ladder. So, why are you here?

  • It’s what you’ve always wanted to do your whole life or for as long as you can remember
  • Your community has pointed you in this direction
  • Your family has expectations
  • You are following in the footsteps of someone important
  • You possess the skills that make you great at your job
  • You want to help others
  • You have financial obligations

It is essential to understand why you have chosen the job you have right now, and the reasons will help guide your success. Finding yourself within your job, seeing a clear path for the future, and finding your strengths and weaknesses will be pivotal in improving your relationship with your coworkers.

Coworkers Make Your Career Fulfilling

What are your patterns of relating to your different coworkers?

Whether this is your subordinate, your manager, the owner of the company, or the mail room clerk, each of your coworkers has a relationship with you. It is important to take a look at each of these relationships and see if you start to notice any patterns.

  • Do I have issues with authority and, therefore, a poor relationship with my boss?
  • Can I be rude to my subordinates?
  • Do I have issues delegating?
  • Do I have communication problems that could be improved?
  • Am I leaning on everyone’s strengths enough, or too much?
  • Do I expect too much from someone who has a clear weakness?

Improving Your Work Life with the Foojan App

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