Fix the Relationship with Your Customers

Fix the Relationship with Your Customers

What is Your Relationship with Your Customers?

Your customers are the group of people who are responsible for the success of your business and, in turn, your livelihood. However, the saying “the customer is always right” isn’t always true, or the healthiest, for making a business thrive. How do you treat your customers? Keep reading to learn more about the relationship with your customers, why it’s important, and how to make it better with the Foojan app.

Are You Customer-Driven?

Making sure your customers are happy is a major aspect of any business. However, many customer-based businesses are not customer-driven. Rather, they are product-driven or service-driven, which can cause some issues down the road with the relationship with your customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you there for them? If your customer needs something from you, such as a replacement or special guidance, how do you treat them?
  • What are your strategies? When your customer is unhappy, or you have made a mistake, what is your strategy for making it right? Do you have one? How has it been successful?
  • How do you handle your boundaries? Many people can try to take advantage of a business when they see an opportunity. How do you handle your boundaries and decide to let a customer go if you see they might not be right for you?

Tips for Enhancing the Relationship with Your Customers

If you want to work on enhancing your relationship with your customers, there are a few things you can start doing today:

  • Personalized interactions. People love feeling like they are special and appreciated, especially loyal customers. Make sure you personalize interactions with them as much as possible, like sending out birthday promo codes or personalized email drip campaigns that include their name.
  • Great customer service. Invest in the customer-facing employees of your business. Make sure they are great with people and can not only sell your product or service but be able to help them afterward.
  • Addressing their needs. Customers hate feeling abandoned after they have made a purchase. Make sure you address their needs should they arise so that they can give a great review or referral.

Make Your Business Thrive with the Foojan App

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