What is Love?

Love is defined in many different ways. Love is a form of thought, feeling, action, and an attitude. Loving thoughts are of accepting the other for who he /she is, cherishing the good qualities and holding gratitude for their presence in life. Love feels like passion, caring, expansion, joy, secure attachment, excitement, serenity, surrendering, and most of all trust. Loving actions are expressing in words, touching, hugging, kissing, paying attention, listening, doing an act that promotes the one we love. Love is an attitude of respect and looking out for the benefit of our loved one; The desire to be close and intimate and act upon to create the time and the space for intimacy; The intention to choose “US” instead of only me and what is best for me; The motivation source for making an effort to excel, and to be the best in who we are and all that we do.; The force that allows us to forgive wrongdoing and reconnect.

What do I do to fall and stay in Love?

I can hold the desire to be in Love
I can be willing to be vulnerable and see the beauty and strength to be vulnerable
I can be willing to accept my beloved for the person that they are
I can be willing to trust that all will be well when I fall in Love
I can remind myself that being in Love is a gift to me and the person I choose to give this gift to
I can assess to choose a person who can also appreciate, respect, receive my love and reciprocate loving feeling and attitude
I can assess to choose a person who is also willing to be in love and act lovingly
I can be committed to expressing my love in many formats daily
I can be committed to love passionately
I can be committed to loving rather to my fears
I can acknowledge my fears of abandonment, rejection, separation and etc, and still choose to be in Love
I can enjoy the passion of being in Love

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