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The Awareness Integration Model can be implemented in psychotherapy as well as coaching


Can work from an illness model, therefore assessments are doing toward a diagnosis

Focuses on internal issues and historical roots.  It seeks resolution through modifying internal functioning (Interpersonal and Intrapersonal) and unconscious, causal factors.

Uses all 6 phases of the AI Model

Focuses on past, present and future.

Processes cognitive dualities, emotional release or behavioral problems; with past or current disruptive situations; and with dysfunction to bring the client to normal functioning.

Containment of emotions in a safe envifronment

Most therapeutic orientations delve into client’s emotions. Build skills for the clients to deal with the upcoming emotions.

Provides a space for client to gain insight, work on suppressed emotions, and reevaluate their defenses. Recognize irrational beliefs, and learn skills to minimize symptoms and live healthier lives.

The Therapeutic relationship is essential. The relationship can be used as a model for the client to utilize in other relationships.

Can only be practiced in the State that the therapist and client reside.

Life Coaching

Assessments are for client’s vision and goals

Focuses mainly on external issues and seeks solutions through methods of functioning in the external world (work practices, resource management, interpersonal relating), and future possibilities.

Uses 5 phase of the model

Focuses on present and the future

Explores vision and goal; identifies obstacles and offers skills to overcome; identify strengths to move toward actualizing goals.

Moving beyond one’s own comfort zone

With the assumption of the presence of emotional reactions to life events, holds the client capable of expressing and handling their emotions.

Through a process of inquiry and personal discovery, coach and client work together to build client’s awareness and responsibility while providing feedback, tools, support and structure to accomplish more.

Coach & Client relationship is not a determining factor, however it is a partnership that helps clients achieve fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

It holds no geographic boundaries.