• 6 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

    It’s true that we’ve entered an era in which almost everyone owns a smartphone and has it in hand at all times, whether commuting to work or going to the bathroom (it’s the perfect time to catch up on the ...Read More

  • Am I ready to be a parent?

    Ask most parents about their first few months of child rearing, and you’ll likely hear the same stories. They’ll talk about sleepless nights and painful deliveries. There will be tales of messy homes and even messier schedules. It will include ...Read More

  • How to effectively manage your time?

    It seems that it is getting harder and harder to manage our time every day. With our life becoming a big social media, smart phones and apps that are constantly interrupting us to tell us about the latest news, and ...Read More

  • How can I get myself to move forward ?

    Many of us have had hardships in the past. May it be events that have happened to us, the way our parents have treated us, intimate relationships that did not work, friends or lovers who have betrayed us, etc… It ...Read More

  • How to Get a Date

    Dating is one of the biggest aspects of life, and as such it is one of the most common topics in therapy. In particular, issues regarding approaching someone you are interested in are very common. One of the most common ...Read More

  • What is Love?

    Love is defined in many different ways. Love is a form of thought, feeling, action, and an attitude. Loving thoughts are of accepting the other for who he /she is, cherishing the good qualities and holding gratitude for ...Read More

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“I am very happy & thankful to take advantage of your Awareness Integration Model. Some of my thoughts changed into clear words and plans. And some dark (or sad) memories changed to be a normal part of my life. Overall, I feel more confident; have more love and respect for myself and believe in my talents (blessings) much more than before. THANK YOU!”