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With clarity and brilliance Dr. Zeine inspires and guides us to realize our inner potential for increasing happiness and love.

— John Gray, author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Dr. Zeine shares her wisdom and infectious optimism as she takes human potential to a new level. Her Awareness Integration model is ripe with opportunities for meaningful change from which readers are sure to learn and benefit.

— Michael D. Yapko, Phd, clinical psychologist and author of Depression is Contagious and Breaking the Patterns of Depression

Foojan Zeine is a widely acclaimed clinician. In Life Reset she brings to the public a set of clear and easy to follow principles and procedures that can help anyone reclaim a richer, more adaptive, more enjoyable life journey.

— Jeffrey K. Zeig, Phd, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

Dr. Foojan Zeine has written an immensely practical and illuminating guide for how to live life at the highest levels. Her work will teach you how to move into the creative state of self-awareness that allows an intentional positive life. Especially helpful is her “both/and” approach that equally emphasizes the importance of positive intention and how to creatively transform the inevitable major obstacles and old wounds that are integral to every great journey. I will recommend this book to many clients and students!

— Stephen Gilligan, PhD, psychologist; author of The courage to love

In Life Reset, Foojan Zeine, PsyD, offers a great gift to seekers of greater self-awareness who wish to free themselves from restrictive shackles of debilitating emotions, thoughts and actions. Her incisive yet gentle manner of guiding readers into deeper realms of identification and recognition of their patterns and tendencies, along with her suggestions and action plans, can lead them to consciously create lives of empowerment and greater joy.

— Debbie Joffe Ellis, MDAM, Psychologist and Author; Professor of Psychology, Columbia University

Dr. Zeine’s Awareness Integration Model offers a very useful map to “reset” your life’s path. Follow it and you’ll be on a grand journey to greater freedom, health, and happiness!

— Michael F. Hoyt, PhD; author of Some Stories Are Better than Others, The Present is a Gift, Brief Therapy: Principles and Practices, and Brief Therapy and Beyond

Crucial reading for anyone who is ready to hit her life reset button. Zeine walks the reader through his or her life experiences and rekindles the emotions they trigger. She helps her readers reevaluate their past traumatic experiences, and thereby opens the possibility of a new relationship with the present and the future.

— Janet Afary, author of Sexual Politics in Modern Iran

From conception to active participation, from channeling the font of youthful energy to facing the certainty of death while still filled with a mature zest for life, and from the depth of despair to the highest fulfillment one life can offer, this book places before you the pathway you have always desired but hardly ever thought possible or practicable. Dr. Zeine’s Life Reset may not offer you a “silkroad” to success, but it does point to safe and solid passage to a most fulfilling existence that you can make for yourself.

— Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, University of Maryland

The contributions of this book go far beyond the field of psychology, with significant potential contributions to business, management, and organizational behavior. A comprehensive journey of self-discovery, as skillfully crafted in this book, can lead you to a more thorough understanding of what drives you and what your strengths and weaknesses are. There is growing consensus in the world of business that truly exceptional performance can best be achieved by leveraging your strengths in building your career path and relationships, and by not threading where your innate weaknesses will hold you back. By helping you methodically develop deep self-awareness, the tools in this book can light your path to find your real calling in life.

— Farshad Rafii, Professor Emeritus, Technology and Operations Management, Babson College

Dr. Zeine's new book, Life Reset: The Awareness Integration Path to Create the Life You Want, is founded upon a solid base of venerable philosophical values and contemporary cognitive psychology. The reader is taken on an extensive and comprehensive investigation of the self, one which promotes the kind of integrated self awareness necessary for significant personal or psychotherapeutic change. I am informed and inspired by Dr. Zeine's sensitive and deeply probing inquiries into the often complicated and nuanced landscapes of self and other relationships. I highly recommend this book to all who dare to know themselves and their relationships on a deeper and more meaningful level.

— Robert N. Johansen, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Director, Cerritos Psychological Center; Author and Lecturer

Dr. Foojan Zeine's Life Reset breathes fresh air into the field of psychology. Her comprehensive unpacking of the Awareness Integration Model fully empowers the reader to take the driver's seat in the integration of evidence-based techniques to improve emotional well-being and navigating and releasing the impact of our historical trauma on our ability to utilize such tools, through exploration of the mind-body interplay. I cannot recommend this reading enough, for a journey of complete reset.

— Mohamad Navab, Professor of Medicine/Cardiology, University of California

Utilizing her immense experience and wisdom, Dr. Zeine delivers a powerful message of hope and aspiration through her remarkable and highly sophisticated self-guide book on, “How to get your life back on track”. The versatile and comprehensive nature of Life Reset allows any reader regardless of background to find a way out of their cognitive dilemma and reclaim happiness lost!

— Nicole Jafari, EdD, Professor, Speaker, Author of A Multidisciplinary, Multicultural Perspective on Child & Adolescent Development; California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Zeine has masterfully captured the wisdom of practical life with honor and commitment to one’s self-expression and fulfillment in many areas of our lives. From self-discovery to relatedness, and general awareness of life as “it is” and as what we would like it “to be”. Life Reset provides valuable information for creating a journey of distinguishing what we are passionate about and how to create the life which we all desire. As someone who went through the process, I personally find the Awareness Integration Model very effective, relevant and practical. I am very glad to see Dr. Zeine has provided access to the wisdom of her awareness model for people to use and enjoy the outcome.

— Behnam Bakhshandeh, MS-OD&C, Personal and Professional Development Expert; Author of Conspiracy for Greatness and Anthony of Upset
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Success Stories

" Hi Foojan, I am sure you don't remember me or my daughter. I talk to you once and my daughter came to you few times. you made such a difference in my daughters life that is unspeakable. after I begin to see change in her I asked her what happen? what made you change so much? she said Mom you took me to few therapists but Foojan asked me "what is your goal in life?" and I felt for the first time in my life I have no goal. and that changed me for ever. Foojan what ever you told her touch her heart and made her to be who ever she really was. today she is straight A student with unstoppable drive. she is happy, healthy and full of hope and life. Thank you so much Foojan. "
“It is 2016. I spend more than half of 2015 with Dr. Foojan Zeine. We traveled through my life, a journey through my thoughts, feelings, desires, anger, frustrations, needs, wants, love, hate, allowance, acceptance and finally forgiveness. She broke down my life in 25 specific areas. We visited each area and spent enough time to analyze the feelings, believes and behaviors. Later, we went back to each area and rebuilt a new path based on the new view of life that we created together.
What a trip. It is hard to put the whole experience is one paragraph. After all it was 50 years of experiences that we looked at, questioned, broke down and re-created. Through her program, we looked at every part of my life, dig deep into my memory, analyzed the feelings that was attached to those memories, release them and replace them with reality of what happened.
When I started with Dr Zeine, I had an old anger in me. The energy of that anger was consuming every area of my life. She had me face the anger. It was hard, but I stick with it as she guide me through it. Now at the end of journey, I feel relieved, happy, light, and full of love with people around me. I have a much better relationship with my children, my man and my parents.
Dr Zeine, thought me to look at each event as what it really is, and not giving in to the emotions that I built around it. I learned, that I am giving power to the past and building memories that are painful. She helped me to release the power of those memories and see them as another life experience. Or see them with a different perspective. She provided me a new sun glass to see my life. The lenses of this glass is green and make everything in life prettier, sharper, and fresh.
Thank you Dr Zeine for giving me the joy of life back. “
“I enjoyed working the model with you for several reasons. It was easy to follow. It was very clear for me from the beginning when you explained how it works to follow it. I got in touch with feelings I never knew existed. I could release majority of my anger and frustration in a safe trusting environment. I could see how my feelings effect my physical health. I was comfortable sharing my feelings and thoughts because it was not needed to go into details of the past incidents that is very painful. The model focused on my present life and behavior and on how to make it happy and joyful not the past. I was not pitied rather empowered to live a full life. It helped me realize how I judge the way others think or feel about me which is not the reality. It helped me know myself and what I really want. It helped me see myself as a person who has equal rights as everyone else.I have been feeling happy and full of life since we finished working the model. This has been the only successful and easy therapy I have ever had and I had a couple of therapist before who tried different methods. I always looked forward to my sessions with you because I could feel the difference immediately. Every time I left your office I was closer to myself.”